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Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are custom-made rubber coverings worn over your teeth to protect them from damage, often used in contact and ball-based sports. Designed to cushion the teeth and gums helping to avoid chipped and broken teeth.

Sports mouthguard cushioning also protects against more serious injuries such as damaged, broken, or dislocated jaws. Professional sportspeople can often be seen wearing mouthguards for this reason.

Sports mouthguards can, and should, be worn by adults and children. Children's mouthguards will need regular replacement as their teeth and jaws grow. You should check regularly that your child's mouthguard still fits and see your dentist for a replacement if it has become loose or tight-fitting.

Adults will also need to replace their mouthguards periodically due to wear and tear.

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Sleep Well Anti-snoring appliance

Sleepwell appliances incorporate the latest technology for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. They provide a reversible, non-invasive treatment without the use of drugs or moving part machinery of any kind.

A Sleepwell appliance is a custom-made oral device, which is worn in the mouth during sleep to reduce snoring and/or sleep apnoea. It is a Patent Pending design, which look similar to two sports mouthguards. These are worn simultaneously, allowing the coloured acrylic bite-ramps to interface and gently position the lower jaw forward. There is a soft inner surface that fits snuggly around the teeth and gums, holding the appliance securely in place.

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